Sponsored VIP-SessionNew

· Users connect your brand to a positive in-app experience
· Combine all of our placements for a VIP session for our users
· A premium placement for increased branding and awareness

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Sponsored ChatNew

· Personalized chat messages with your editorial content
· Be creative with your content: include promotions and links
· Communicate directly to your target audience

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App Boost

· Thousand of installs for your app within hours
· Drive organic installs
· Build an App Store Presence

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Native Header

· Place your ad in our highest traffic sections
· A double click user flow with a full size interstitial
· Customized for App boosts and large volume campaigns

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Match AdNew

· A match game focused on your product
· Match your product to your target audience
· Benefit from immidiate user feedback

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Sponsored Challenge

· Bridge the gap between online & offline
· Emotionally engage users with photo upload missions
· Branding with an extensive reach

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